Ana Rivera García-Granados, General Surgery Service, ABC Medical Center, Mexico City, Mexico Leopoldo E. Castañeda-Martínez, General Surgery Service, ABC Medical Center, Mexico City, Mexico

A 102-year-old female with a past medical history of sigmoid volvulus resolved by colonoscopy a year ago presents to the emergency department with sigmoid volvulus, which is resolved by colonoscopy and rectal tube placement. Three days later, she presented abdominal distention and recurrence of the volvulus, for which a surgical resolution was decided. Laparotomy was performed, where sigmoid and cecal volvulus was found. A cecal detorsion and a cecopexy were performed, and an extended left hemicolectomy with a terminal colostomy to treat the sigmoid volvulus. The patient presents an adequate postoperative period and is discharged. Three months later, the patient was in good clinical condition, eating normally without complications. Volvulus refers to the torsion of a segment of the gastrointestinal tract. The most common sites for colonic volvulus are sigmoid and cecum; however, it is infrequent for these to occur together. We only found six cases reported in the literature of synchronous volvulus of the cecum and sigmoid colon. None of the cases was the diagnosis made preoperatively, suggesting a difficult diagnosis. Treatment depends on the patient’s condition; in most reported cases, a subtotal colectomy was performed. The prognosis depends on prompt surgical intervention.

Keywords: Sigmoid volvulus. Cecal volvulus. Synchronous.